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Thomas L. Mower
May 15, 1942-March 3, 2005
When responding to call #29 of 2005, Tom suffered a fatal heart attack.
Although a new member, Tom was very enthusiastic and enjoyed volunteering as a fire police officer.


Pager goes off, I run that way,
Don't know if I will make it home today,
Life is hard not an ease,
Grab my gear and say God please,
Lights and sirens blaring away,
Letting people know we are on the way,
We approach the scene not knowing what to expect,
My life I might give, but we are here to protect,
We see these people crying in tears,
Watching the homes and dreams disappear,
We rush on in, some will fall,
Won’t get up, be their last call,
But that's how it is, as a life of a Firefighter, EMT,
or the Police, No matter who it be,


By: Charles Weiss Jr. - In memory of Thomas L. Mower

Tom's name is added to the
National Fallen Firefighters Memorial
at the National Fire Academy
in Emmitsburg, Maryland

October 8, 2006

Tom's name is added to the
Delaware County Fallen Firefighter and EMS Memorial
at Rose Tree Park

November 1, 2008

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